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the cross sound marketing association (CSMA)

The Keta is a troller with a new paint job.Our Organization

Fairweather Fish is the brand for fish produced by members of the Cross Sound Marketing Association, a non-profit corporation of fishermen based in Elfin Cove, Alaska.

The mission of Cross Sound Marketing Association is to connect local fishermen with markets for fresh, high quality hook-and-line caught fish, and to sustain Elfin Cove as a commercial fishing community.

CSMA personality

The Fairweather Fish Logo is Here!

Fairweather fish logo

Here it is - the Fairweather Fish logo. Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion and shared their ideas. This is another great step on our way to becoming the organization we want to be and providing folks with a truly superior product.

Check Out our Promotional Video!

With the support of a grant from the state of Alaska, CSMA recently worked with Mark Wilcken in producing a short (7.5 minute) video that offers a peek into the place, people and fish (of course) that are at the heart of CSMA. Click here to view a high quality version of the video (40MB) or here for a low quality version (5MB) (you need the free quicktime viewer to watch this video).

salmon and sustainability

Salmon is tasty and healthyWild Pacific Salmon

The fishermen of Fairweather Fish catch and sell all five species of wild Alaska salmon:  chinook, coho, sockeye, pink and chum.  Each of these species has its own life history and its own habitat requirements, and each has its own unique characteristics and uses as a delicious source of food.
All five salmon species benefit from a resource management system that emphasizes conservation, and ensures that enough fish migrate upstream to spawn (reproduce) and sustain the fisheries.  And because they migrate freely at sea, these wild salmon eat other wild marine life.  Swimming free makes Alaskan wild salmon strong, and gives their flesh its firm texture.  Because they swim in the open ocean they are free from the parasitic afflictions of farm fish and are less likely to contract diseases spread in enclosed fish farm spaces.

health benefits of eating wild alaskan salmon

Eating Salmon is good for youOmega-3s and Your Health.

It is becoming fairly common knowledge throughout the world how important omega-3 fatty acids are to reducing your risk of heart disease. It is also a well known fact that eating wild salmon is about the best way you can get omega-3 fatty acids as a regular part of your diet. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends eating fish at least two times per week to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Be sure to visit the AHA website or check out these articles for more info on omega-3 fatty acids and their relationship to a healthy heart, growth and devlopment: article 1, article 2.

Recently we have been made aware of even more great news about the health benefits of eating wild Alaskan salmon. Eating wild salmon is not only a great way to keep your body healthy, it is also a great way to take care of your mental well being.

When you're in a bad mood or just feeling blue, eat fish. It turns out that omega-3 fatty acids have more of an influence on mood, personality and behavior than ever before realized.

cross sound and the fairweather fishing grounds

Our Home, "Office", Playground... Lifeblood

Troller at Sunset in front of Cape SpencereCross Sound lies at the northernmost entrance of Alaska‚Äôs Inside Passage, a thousand-mile maze of rocky mountainous islands, interspersed with hundreds of miles of deep glacier-carved saltwater fiords, bays, and channels.  The islands of southeast Alaska are drained by thousands of small streams, while larger rivers drain the snow-covered mountains of the mainland. The cold clear waters of these streams support runs of Pacific salmon.  In the late summer and fall, these streams swarm with spawning adult salmon.  In the spring, the offspring of these salmon migrate downstream to feed, first in the shallow protected estuaries, and then in the open ocean.

elfin cove history

Ernie Swanson is the Fishing from Elfin Cove for Almost Ninety Years!

Elfin Cove has a rich and interesting history. The community was established as a fish buying location by Ernie Swanson in the late 1920's. Elfin Cove was originally called "Gunk Hole" which meant a quiet and safe harbor but was eventually renamed when the post office was established. The magical setting conjured a feeling of a home for elves.

Learn more about Elfin Cove history by clicking the read more link below or take a peek into the past by reading these Alaska Sportsmen magazine articles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

the channel 14 newsletter

Our Newsletter

The Chanel 14 newsletterAs marvelous a technology as cell phones are they have yet to become dependable for communication out here in Cross Sound and on the Fairweather fishing grounds. The VHF radio is still the primary means of communication from boat to boat and boat to harbor. Many of the locals use Channel 14 for talking about weather and fishing conditions, cooperating in the often complex logistics of the hook-and-line lifestyle, and for good old fashioned gossip when fishing is slow (chatter tends to drop off sharply when the bite is on!).

It seems only natural that our organizational newsletter would go by the name "Channel 14". You can download copies here using the links below. You will need acrobat reader to view these publications. You can get acrobat reader here for free.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3